Vide Poche Rond


  • Vide Poche Rond
  • Vide Poche Rond

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Discard your day at the door.

Your Vide Poche is designed with your loose-pocket items in mind – think keys, change and phone. It is made, polished and finished in Sydney, Australia in solid Aluminium.

Sand casting is as much about negative space as it is about form, which is why the object is reversible so consider both sides of your dish.

Vide Poche is manufactured in small batches meaning slight variations will occur from piece to piece. Production marks may include slight pour ripples or surface pitting.

It will arrive with a bright finish but will oxidise and darken over time to reveal a distinctive patina. Simply use a metal polish to restore a like-new finish.

Dimensions 130 x 40 mm 

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